Brand Story: RacGTing

Founded in 2020, RacGTing is a brand committed to continuously crafting authentic gaming experiences with its simulator racing game stands. The founders, Dimitri and Watkin, relentlessly innovate their products, prioritizing cost-effectiveness and ergonomic design.

In 2018, racing enthusiasts Dimitri and Watkin found themselves on a winding road, driving their vintage race cars and relishing the exhilaration of speed. Yet, the reality of speed limits and safety laws meant they couldn't always indulge in their high-speed passion. Undeterred, their fervor found a new outlet: they resolved to amplify this passion in the world of racing games, a space where they could express their zeal more intensely.

After securing racing wheels and other essential gear, Dimitri and Watkin set out to find the perfect racing stand in the market. To their disappointment, they found the available stands varied greatly in quality and needed a more genuine feel of a real race car. Resolute, they decided to handcraft their dream racing stand in their garage, which would emulate the experience of being in an actual race car. After countless hours and relentless refinement, they finally brought to life their ideal vision of a racing stand.

One day, a racing driver friend who had experienced their stand was so impressed that he invited Dimitri and Watkin to create training simulator stands for his team. This event marked a shift in their ambitions. No longer content with just enhancing their own racing experience, they now aimed to broaden the understanding and appreciation of racing worldwide. This newfound mission led them to establish their brand, RacGTing, a fusion of their names. They dedicated themselves to designing and researching not only racing simulator stands but also flight simulator stands.

Furthermore, at the core of RacGTing is a deep-seated commitment to environmental sustainability. We embrace green engineering practices in our material choices to minimize our carbon footprint. Our relentless pursuit of innovation is driven not just by competition but by a profound awareness and responsibility towards the environment.

Today, RacGTing is a frontrunner in the online market for simulator racing stands. Their products, celebrated worldwide, have earned the trust and admiration of a vast community of racing game enthusiasts. Committed to constant innovation and tireless effort, RacGTing strives to offer superior racing stands, aspiring to be the ultimate companion for players in their relentless chase for speed and excitement.